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Living an active lifestyle is essential for optimal health and wellness, but taking part in activities also increases your risk of sports injuries. Joseph Becker, MSPT, offers physical therapy to help you find a path toward relief so you can return back to your favorite activities. To schedule an appointment for sport injury therapy with Healing PT in The Woodlands, Texas, call the office or book online today.

Sports Injuries Q&A

What are sports injuries?

The term “sports injury” is used to describe many musculoskeletal problems that arise due to athletic or fitness activities. Though, the term can also be misleading. You don’t have to be a pro athlete or even consider yourself athletic to sustain a sports injury.

Tackles near the sidelines, sliding into home base, and taking an elbow on the basketball court can all lead to sports injuries. However, even as simple as coming down hard off a curb or twisting an ankle during a jog can also be categorized as a sports injury.

Many people experience sports injuries while engaging in fitness activities like running, biking, or swimming. Some are the result of a collision, while others are muscle strains, sprains, or repetitive stress problems.

What is the diagnostic process for sports injuries?

There are many tools and techniques that can determine the extent and type of sports injury you are dealing with. X-rays and other imaging is a great way to check for fractures and other damage, while ultrasound can reveal more about your soft tissues.

A hands-on physical exam is a great way to learn more about a sports injury. Manipulating affected joints can determine how range-of-motion is impacted and at what point pain begins to develop.

If you’ve been diagnosed through another practice, Mr. Becker works closely with your extended care team to create and implement a customized physical therapy program. Your plan might include treatments like the Graston Technique® — a great way to release tight scar or fascia tissue.

Kinesiology taping can help by changing the space within a joint or altering the way your body processes pain signals. Mr. Becker can show you how to use top-quality taping products to support your recovery.

How can I reduce my risk for sports injuries?

Prevention can go a long way toward reducing your risk of sports injuries. Many injuries occur because people push too far beyond their physical limits. Your body needs time to adjust to any new routine, regardless of whether you’re a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who is ready to get fit.

Wearing the right protective gear is also important. Helmets are a great option for many sports, from football to biking and boxing. Wrist guards can give you additional stability when skating. There are knee pads, shin guards, and many other devices for virtually every form of physical activity. Wearing properly fitted shoes designed for your sport is also important.

Regardless of how carefully you try to prevent injury, some issues are going to occur from time to time. Knowing where to turn can make a significant difference in the outcome, and Healing PT is always there to help.

To schedule an appointment for sport injury therapy with Healing PT in The Woodlands, Texas, call the office or book online today.



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